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Can you store documents in a box down in your root cellar with 80% humidity? How is the climate in your fridge? These are questions you can easily answer using a data logger which records humidity and temperature over time.


I started the data logger project, because I tried to figure out if I can store my documents down in the root cellar. The humidity in this cellar varies from 75% up to 90% which is way to high for documents. So I plan to store the documents in a sealed box. Because I am not sure if the sealing is good enough for the environment down in the cellar, I will first put a “test box” there with a data logger inside.

There are plenty commercial data loggers available to use for this kind of tasks, but it is much more fun to build a own.


This documentation is showing how to build the minimal and simple version of the data logger. The deluxe version of the data logger has a own documentation here: Data Logger Deluxe.

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