Build the Hardware (Minimal)

Let me show you the final wiring of the device. In the following wiring diagram you can see how all components are connected.

Data Logger Minimal Diagram

The blue lines are buses and show multiple wires as one single line. It does not make much sense in this simple version of the project, it will make more sense later.

PREPARE the Breakout Boards

Solder all required pin headers to the breakout boards. Make sure you add the TTL header to the Pro Trinket, because the serial connection is required for this project.

Prepare the Stripboard

Adding the components.

Place all components on the stripboard and mark their locations and especially orientations. Make sure there is enough space left for the wires.

Mark the points to cut the stripes

Think about the wiring and how you plan to connect the components. Turn the stripboard around and mark all places where you plan to cut the copper stripes.

Using a drill to cut the stripes

Use a drill oder any other suitable tool to cut the copper stripes at the marked places.

Cleaning up

Clean up the resulting mess.

The prepared board.

Inspect all cuts closely and make sure there is really no copper left. In doubt use a connection tester or ohmmeter to test the connections.

Solder the Components to the Board

Soldering the components in place.

Solder the components to the board. If you plan to reuse this components solder female headers to the board instead and plug the components to this headers instead. If you solder the components directly to the board it it almost impossible to remove them later.

Data Logger Wires

Now add the switches and the pin header for the sensor, then add all wires to the board until everything is connected.

Test the Connections

Systematically check each wire from the wiring diagram. Search it on the board and check if it connects the right components and the correct pins. Turn the stripboard around and make sure there are no unwanted connections.


The hardware is ready!

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