I developed a few own libraries for my projects. This libraries are all available under an open source license. You find the details about the library on the detail page or in the read-me file on GITHub.


This is a compact display driver for the LS013B4DN04 display from Sharp. It is text based and writes 8×8 pixel characters on the screen, which allows 12×12 characters.

You find all details on this page: Sharp Display Driver 8×8

Meggy Jr RGB Driver

This is a full featured game library for the Meggy Jr RGB hardware. It was written from scratch to provide a solid base for game development.

You find all details about the library in this blog post: A New Library for Meggy Jr RGB
All displayable colors of the RGB display: All Meggy Jr RGB Colors
The library on GITHub: LRMeggyJr

Other Implementations

There are some interesting implementations embedded in my projects providing an driver to control a chip or device, or to simple solve a common problem.