Good Quality Boards from PCBWay

Recently I received boards for a sensor array from PCBWay. This boards were made in a very good quality considering the low price level.

I really like the green solder mask they use, it creates a nice optical effect shifting the green colour towards yellow somehow. The solder mask produces a very nice contrast between the copper and non-copper areas, easy to see all traces.


The small traces on this board have a width of 0.2mm with an insulation of 0.3mm. It is a lead free HAL which is nice and flat.


Production time was two days (over the weekend) and shipping using DHL took four days.


Routing of the boards is nice and smooth, there are no traces of tabs left on the boards.

All boards will be connected with a kind of bus in a circle arrangement as shown in the title image and the image below. There is an address selector on each board, to assign each sensor board an unique address.

By splitting the design of the sensor array into five equal boards, I could save a huge amount of production costs. Producing 10 of the shown boards, lead free HAL, with a production time of 2-3 days was just $19.


If you have questions, miss some information or just have any feedback, feel free to add a comment below.

Have fun!

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