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Event-based Firmware (Part 2/2)

In the first part of this article, we explored the general concept of event-based firmware. For the first part, please click this link.

The introduced concepts were directly tailored to one specific firmware. Now let us develop the concepts further to build an event system which can be integrated in many different applications.

Let us analyze the last exampe:


#include "BlinkLed.hpp"
#include "Event.hpp"

Event gBlinkLedEvent;

void setup() {

void loop() {
  const auto currentTime = millis();
  if (gBlinkLedEvent.isReady(currentTime)) {
    const auto scheduledDelay = BlinkLed::event();
  while (millis() == currentTime) {}

What makes this code static?

First, the variable gBlinkLedEvent is directly tied to this single event. It can not be reused by other events.

Second, the if (gBlinkLedEvent.isReady(currentTime)) { ... } code is repetitive for all events. If you have repetitive code, it is usually a sign of bad design. While there are very few cases where repetitive code is acceptable, usually it should be removed using structures, loops and tables.

Backtrack for a New Direction

Let us address the issue with the fixed function call first. To solve this, we have to backtrack and enter a new direction. The next example consists of the files blink9.ino, Event.hpp and Event.cpp:

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