Open Position for Step-Up Converter

For a current project I need a step-up converter to get 5 volts from 2.5V-5.5V input. The output of this converter is used to power sensors which drive motors and small heat elements from this source. The average consumed current is 160mA with a peek at 320mA.

In the photo you can see the latest Boldport project with a test setup for the XC9142B50DMR-G from Torex Semiconductor. I made the mistake and just relied on the specifications stated on the website from Mouser:


This looks really good: 500mA output current… So I did a quick test. Obviously the magic smoke in the photo is a composition, but this is what actually happened somewhere at a constant ~250mA load with 5V input.

Also the chip I selected does not disconnect the load on shutdown, which is a requirement for me. This was my mistake, read “D” but at the wrong position in the product identifier. 😀


If you have any suggestion for a replacement, please let me know!

This are my requirements for the part:

  • Input voltage 2.5-5.5V.
  • Output voltage fixed to 5V.
  • Output current >400mA over a long time (motors, heat elements).
  • Hand solderable SMD package.
  • Chip enable with high = enable.
  • Complete load disconnection in shutdown (another mistake I made with the selected chip).

If you have questions, miss some information or just have any feedback, feel free to add a comment below.

Have fun!



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