Cat Protector

If you own a cat, you know even if your cat is well brought-up, laws are only valid as long you are at home or even in the same room. The goal of this project was to create a small device, which detects movement in protected areas (e.g. tables) and speak your usual phrases in your voice to the cat.


This page explains everything, from the prototype of the project to the final device. It shows the problems and also all solutions I found to create a working device.

I created all this documents to share some knowledge and give ideas how certain problems can be solved. Feel free to ask if parts of these documents are not clear or need further explanation.

The documentation is split into multiple parts. You can either read trough them sequentially, or jump directory to the page or part you are interested in. I tried to organize the documents in a logical order, starting from the single parts and combine them step by step into the final software.

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