Snow Flake Component Side

Today I show you a little bit longer video about the assembly of the component side of the snow flake panel.

Compared with the very small 0402 LEDs (1mm x 0.5mm) on the front side, the component side contains just regular 0805 resistors and capacitors.

The first part of the video shows how I apply the solder paste using a metal stencil. I use a system called “eC-stencil-fix” from Eurocircuits. This is basically a set of plates with metal knobs to perfectly align the board with the stencil. With a tick in a checkbox, they produce panels which perfectly work using this stencil fix system, which is really convenient.

Next is the assembly itself: 105 resistors, 10 capacitors, 5 headers and 5 chips. The hot air soldering shown in the next part is speed up considerably, I used lower temperature but more air flow as for the LED side.

At the very end of the video, you can see how I test all LEDs of a single snow flake.

Utilities and objects you can see in this video:

  • Snow flake panel by Eurocircuits.
  • Hot air soldering station – Weller WTHA 1.
  • Bernstein SMD tweezers.
  • PCBite board holder.
  • eC-stencil-fix by Eurocircuits.

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