SMD Adapters from Adafruit

Today most chips are only available in SMD packages, therefore I often need adapter boards for prototyping. There are only a few manufacturer of adapter boards and they are often very expensive. I think the reason for the high price is, because most of this boards are made to replace DIL chips in devices with SMD ones. So this boards require a certain quality for this productive use.

For prototyping this is not my greatest concern. In most cases I am happy to get chips working and be able to experiment with them. I am aware there are many limitations on a breadboard, so the adapters do not have to be electrical perfect for my use. Spending $6-$9 per adapter, often for a single use, for a chip which costs only a few cents seems wrong to me.

Now I discovered, Adafruit has a nice set of SMD adapter boards in their shop. You always buy a set of three, six or even more, and they have different package sizes on both sides. It is exactly what I would expect from an adapter board for prototyping.

Have a closer look in Adafruits shop here, here and here.

Finished a Series of the PissOff Project

I just finished a small series of the PissOff project. After all work done, I probably would use a stencil and solder paste next time.

For this series I used a slightly larger speaker to improve the loudness and sound quality. Tried some different ones, but the really good ones do not fit on the back of the project anymore.

While soldering all these boards, I found out the contacts of the SD card holder do not always easily connect to the PCB. If the SD card is not working, resoldering these solved problems for two boards. Also in one case, flux came into the trimmer, there was no contact anymore and no sound output.

Read everything about the project here.