The Final Outmoded Sequencer PCB

The final black and gold PCBs for the Outmoded Sequencer arrived. They really look great with a nice contrast between the solder mask and the silk. The surface is somehow glossy and the routes are barely visible under the black solder mask. Now I really hope I will not find any further problems with this PCB.

Outmoded Sequencer Final PCBOutmoded Sequencer Final PCB

This nice PCBs were produced by PCBWay. As you can see, the quality of the PCB is very good. They produced it in three working days and it was shipped in three days via DHL.

The final version is 8mm wider and 10mm higher than the prototype PCB. You can also see how I rearranged the components to move the matrix more to the center.

A very interesting fact is, that I could simplify the routing, because I mounted the resistors and diodes back in the normal horizontal way. This created space under the components which I could use for the routes. Here the routing of the final board:

Outmoded Sequencer Final Board

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