Working on the Case

Today I worked on the case for the Outmoded Sequencer project. Originally I planed to use acrylic glass and laser cut it, but I did not found a service where I could cut a single piece cheap. So I am using wood, cut it to the right size using a Dremel tool, then sand it and spray painted it black. The color is a really deep black, which is not perfectly visible on the photos because of the black background.

You see a smaller panel with the two knobs and the speaker, which will be mounted on the top area of the larger base. If you look closely you can see the holes where the top panel will be fastened using the distant bolts.

I am using M2.5 threads with 2.8mm holes and distant bolts of 20mm length. Sadly there were no black distant bolts in this size, there were only M3 ones.

The PCB will be mounted on the lower part of the base plate, also using distant bolts. I am not yet sure if I will use 20mm or 15mm length distant bolts. The color of the PCB will also be black with gold contacts.

Meanwhile I also optimised the design of the circuit. Here a PDF with the latest circuit diagram:

Outmoded Sequencer v1.0 Circuit Diagram

I did a few changes:

  • Renumbered the parts, so they do not match the description on the project page.
  • Added a few capacitors to stabilise and reduce unwanted noise.
  • Added a line out jack which automatically silences the built-in speaker.
  • I also completely redesigned the board. As soon the new boards arrive, I will do another post about the changes there.


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