Projects from Boldport Club Arrived

This week the beautiful projects from Boldport club arrived. Each of them comes with a nice box or bag which matches the individual project. All electronic components to assemble and solder the project are included, but you need some external power supply and jumper cables to bring some of the projects to life.

In the following sections, I will show you some impressions of the assembled kits. My soldering skills are far from perfect, so even after cleanup you see a lot of impurity on the PCB’s. If you like to join the club, you can do this here.

Project “Tap”

This project is based on a project from 1974, which is a touch activated switch. The “Tap” project is combined with the “Cordwood Puzzle” for the LEDs.

See the project in action:

Project “The Lady”

This beautiful lady bug glows in the dark with LEDs on the back. The PCB is a piece of art, it is almost sad to solder the battery holder on it. Alternatively you can use the eyes to power the bug, but that seemed a little bit cruel to me.

I soldered the “feet” together, so all LEDs are constantly on. But you can also leave them separated so if you touch them individual LEDs light up.

Project “Cordwood Puzzle”

This project was inspired from the “cordwood” assembly method used in the 1950s and 1960s to save space. It looks great with these really large resistors in it. You can plug it into an Arduino or similar and control the individual LEDs.



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