Data Logger Deluxe – Finished + Video

I finally finished the deluxe version of the data logger. The software took longer than expected, because of the tight flash memory limit. I created a short video which should give you an impression how you can use the menus on the data logger.

The video is showing the menu driven user interface. It is controlled using a capacitive keypad. Everything is sealed in this case to protect the electronic components from the high humidity.


I usually start software in the best way possible and postpone any optimisations to the end of the process. So I created everything in an abstract object oriented way, but quickly had to go back to a procedural approach for all objects which were singletons anyway.

To keep everything as logical and abstract as possible, I used namespaces to encapsulate the separate modules. This lead to a very clean approach while saving all the memory which was used for object pointers in the code.


Currently I am working on a detailed documentation, which will show step by step how to build this deluxe version of the data logger. There will also be a page with some notes and explanations about the software. You can already have a look at the software here.

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