More Features Added To “Font To Byte” App

While working on the display driver for the Sharp display, I found some missing features in my “Font to Byte” application. I added this features and released a new version.

  • All bits can be inverted.
  • There is an option to print the converted characters into a useful code chart.

Driver Progress

A first version of the driver is running. It requires only ~160 bytes RAM to run. You can change the font easily, use up to 128 characters and invert any portion of the screen (e.g. for selections).

New Character Map

After converting the font into bytes, you can click the “Print Character Map…” button to generate a nice character map for your font.

New Character Map Button

This is especially useful if you added some special character. With the map you can easily lookup the correct values for the characters.

You can also save the character map as PDF from the print dialog and use the PDF as reference.

The character map for my example font looks like this:

FontA Character Map

The Inversion Checkbox

The bit 1 is not always a black pixel, sometimes the bit 0 is a black pixel. To make things simple, you can already invert all bytes if this is required for your display.

New Invert Bits Checkbox


You can download the new version here:

Font to Byte Application Version 1.1.0

Have fun!

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